Yukon Fitness Caribou III Package w/ Dip, Preacher Curl, and Peck Deck Attachments CIII-PKG


Quick Overview

Yukon's new Caribou System with dip, preacher curl, and peck deck attachments combines the best features of a home gym with a premium smith machine.

The Caribou III is one of the safest self-spotting home gyms on the market. The gym enables you to experience the feel of free weights with the safety of a smith machine. The Caribou III contains the most advanced smith carriage available today. Oilite bushings glide over solid chrome rods providing a piston-like action unmatched by any square carriage.

This special carriage is locked instantly into any of the safety catches by a quick turn of the wrist. The Caribou III features dual bar holders and safety rail spotter arms. Yukon's professional design enables the lifter to perform smith machine lifting as well as all the free weight exercises.